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20 year of migraines

Dear Bruno, since going on your diet and supplements, my life has changed. I had suffered 20 years of migraines, stress, tiredness and confusion. No ordinary Doctor could help me, only prescribe Panadol, request Xrays etc, I could only have two beautiful children because of my...

Angela T.

Hospitalised with severe stomach problems

About eight years ago I was hospitalised after coming down with what I thought was a stomach bug. I was placed on a series of medications by doctors but over the period of the next five years, I was in hospital at least once a year (twice in some cases) with the same... 

Trevor T.

Lung disease with weakened immune system

My first visit to Bruno Marevich was in 2006. A friend from Church was his patient and I knew she was very happy with his treatment. After having an endoscopy my doctor discovered helicobacter bacteria in the duodenum and insisted putting me on two strong antibiotics to... 

(Name provided).

Bad side effects from back pain drugs

After a motor vehicle accident in 2001. I started using painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets almost daily for back pain. Later, I moved on to the “heavy” painkillers and increased the dosages of the painkiller and the and the anti-inflammatory, and all this under the... 

Glynis D.


I visited Bruno nine years ago for my hyperthyroidism. I did not want to take western medication for their side effects and being unable to stop treatment once you started. Since then I have managed to keep my blood test results within range. Bioscorb and Intesticin... 

Nizmin M.

Feeling Better than I had in 20 Years

I can’t thank Bruno enough. After being diagnosed with diverticulitis I was terrified of going to hospitals which I know can lead to other complications and mis-treatment. I called Bruno and he carefully explained how he could try and help me with this. Once we met I knew I was in... 

Leo L.

Constant stomach pains

Hi Bruno, my name is Elizabeth and I would like to share with you my personal experience regarding how your naturopath services changed my life. I came to Bruno’s practise at the end of last year looking for a solution for constant stomach pains I had been experiencing over... 

Elizabeth C.

Blood pressure and reflux

I went to Bruno in 2007 as I had just been to the doctor about my blood pressure and they said that I would have to double my dose as it was not coming down. I was very frustrated that the doctor only wanted to medicate me more to reduce my blood pressure. I went to Bruno... 

Andrew H.

A lifetime of food intollerances

I have always suffered with stomach and food intolerances and have tried various options. The symptoms are aggravated with fast pace lifestyle and stress. Having tried numerous medications which all seemed to provide only temporary relief and then increase the... 

Shawn A.

Health problems for many years

I had been experiencing health problems for many years. I had seen numerous GPs & specialists. None of them were able to diagnose or relieve my condition. Eventually an acquaintance recommended I see Bruno. I thought “what have I got to lose”?  On my first... 

Andrew B.

Immense Changes

My name is Vikki and I was 89.9 kg. My days were spent sitting in cafes eating “good food” and loads of rubbish plus drinking coffee. In just 2 weeks I am now 87.3 and I am only just beginning! This is no fairy tale. Following Bruno’s and Henriette’s natural healing program... 

Vikki H.

Debilitating Allergies

The change for the better in my life thanks to Bruno. I’ve been suffering from allergies and hyperactivity since I was a child. This had gone undiagnosed until I became very ill in 1986. I decided to try Chinese herbalism and found this very helpful. I’ve also been to a biochemists... 

Roland J.

Weight Loss and Greater Energy

I am a 53 year old mother of three. Ever since I can remember I have been starving myself to lose weight, and a lot of times I have been successful, only to put it back on again and more. Once I reached my 40’s it got harder and harder to lose weight and then I found I had a... 

Antoinette A.


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