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Pain Free

My name is Jeff and I am 75 years old. About 20 months ago I developed a sore buttock and leg which was really bothering me. I had done a few overseas trips in this time and long haul flights were a nightmare as I found I had to stretch my leg out further than plane seat room... 

Jeff N.

I now live a healthy life

Many years ago, in my late 30’s, I developed allergies to many foods. I had great trouble in controlling the effects the allergies had on my body. They varied from swollen lips and hives, also coughing fits etc. Although I avoided eating foods and drinks which I was allergic to... 

Jenny B.

Improved diabetes and weight

For the past couple of years I had not done any constructive exercise nor been careful about my diet. As a result I started to gain weight and feeling sluggish and bloated. On top of that a poor diet during an overseas trip skyrocketed my weight to 92kg, played havoc with my... 

Gail P.

Liver tumor

In July 2013 a small tumour was discovered on my liver, as months passed the tumour grew in size as did many changes to my body such as weight gain, constantly feeling tired and not being able to eat much food without being sick. February 2014 I had the tumour removed... 

Ingrid D.

10 Kg lighter, improved blood pressure

Bruno's programme has been wonderful for my health and wellbeing. Retired, suffering high blood pressure and raised sugar levels a friend recommended to try Bruno's programme. I have been following Bruno's programme for one year now. The results are exceptional... 

Veronica H.

Debilitating Lyme disease

When I first met Bruno I was a very sick man. I did not tell him what I had been diagnosed nor my symptoms. Bruno described exactly my symptoms and I was relived that Bruno new what and how ill I was. Within 2 weeks of following Bruno instructions and his way of healing, the...

Glenn H.

More enenergy after breast cancer

Dear Bruno, I'd like thank you for your exceptional treatment and care in the last year and half, after having breast cancer and receiving radiation I can say I don't feel as tired and a lot more energetic,I am looking forward to continuing treatment and future overall health...

Cecilia D.

Hypoglycaemia and lactose intollerance

When I first saw Bruno nearly 20 years ago, he told me that I was hypoglycaemic and lactose intolerant. He put me on a diet to combat this. In about 4 weeks I had lost about 8 kilos by walking 40 minutes each day and by following Bruno’s diet and taking his supplements...

Gary A.

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