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Weight Loss and Greater Energy

Antoinette A.

I am a 53 year old mother of three. Ever since I can remember I have been starving myself to lose weight, and a lot of times I have been successful, only to put it back on again and more. Once I reached my 40’s it got harder and harder to lose weight and then I found I had a thyroid problem which didn’t help things at all. I had reached a point where I was over weight, tired all the time and felt terrible in whatever I wore.! !

In the beginning of the year my daughter in law suggested to me to go and see Bruno and see if he can help. God Bless my daughter in law for the suggestion.! Bruno was very understanding and explained in detail of what he would like me to do to achieve the results I wanted. 


I since have lost 10 kgs but the great result has been in the energy I’ve got and how well I feel! I’m constantly getting comments about how well I look. It was easy to lose the weight because I’ve been eating more than I have ever had since I was a teenager.!

Bruno is my saviour and I look forward to meeting with him every month because there’s always something new I’m learning off him to help me along!!

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