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Debilitating Allergies

Roland J.

The change for the better in my life thanks to Bruno.

I’ve been suffering from allergies and hyperactivity since I was a child. This had gone undiagnosed until I became very ill in 1986. I decided to try Chinese herbalism and found this very helpful.

I’ve also been to a biochemists and other naturopaths and they all suggested diets and tablets. Unfortunately I didn’t feel that I was getting the complete answer and that they were close but not seeing the complete picture of my condition. I’d become allergic to a lot of petrochemical products e.g. petrol through to perfume. This was  on top of allergic reactions to mould and fungi as well as cigarette smoke and on bad days, I tested allergic to nearly everything.

I’ve not had an allergy attack since I began seeing Bruno (which incidentally was like getting a bad attack of the flu). An attack would start with a bad night’s sleep and I’d wake up with a headache and not being able to think clearly or concentrate or remember things. Then by lunch time I would have to stop work at my business as I would have an allover tired feeling with constant yawning and sweating and nausea. On days when it was really severe I would ache all over and my vision would close and I would lose my sense of balance and stagger as if I was drunk. This would mean that I would lie down in bed until it passed, usually 4 to 6 hours. Then I would get up feeling better but very weak. I had my appetite back so I would be able to eat and go back to bed. The next day I would be alright but very weak and lethargic.

All this has stopped thank goodness and I feel like I am young and fit again.

I have written this letter so that anybody that reads it can have some understanding of how ill I had become. Bruno diagnosed and treated my health condition by changing my diet and prescribing the right supplements. I am now back to working 14 hour a day, seven days a week.

All I can say is ‘THANKS” and I would recommend anyone who is not well and has been unable to solve their problems to see Bruno and start enjoying the rest of their life.

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