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Apart from taking health history and examining other available medical tests, we will also, using a specialised microscope, carry out an ‘eye diagnosis’ of each patient to help us identify issues about their bodies which are useful to a naturopath.

Eye Diagnosis (IRIDOLOGY)

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For those who do not know, this is not actually an eye test to determine    the physical condition of the eyes. Eye diagnosis gives us the tools to see disease potential in the patient’s body (from genetic weakness) and recognise metabolic individuality. This vital information can lead us to explore further diagnostic testing or therapeutic interventions. Above all, eye diagnosis is useful in preventative medicine which is the key to recognising and treating organ weakness or function before it has manifested clinically as a disease.

Most of what is known today about eye diagnosis has come to us from Germany, where this form of diagnosis has a very strong and reputable basis. Many medical practitioners in Germany are reputed to be using eye diagnosis as part of their diagnostic armoury. The term ‘eye diagnosis’ refers more accurately than ‘iris diagnosis’ or the more commonly used term ‘iridology’ which refers specifically to the study of the iris. Eye diagnosis employs the study of other parts of the eye as well including the pupil, sclera, conjunctiva and retina. Therefore eye diagnosis is also, even more correctly, called the study of ‘ophthalmological phenomena’.

A good eye diagnostician, like any other health professional must start with the assumption that each patient is an individual. Each person is unique. This means that any system of diagnosis, including eye diagnosis, should not be looked as an exact science but also an art. In practiced hands, eye diagnosis is an extremely valuable tool because the signs in the eye indicate most aspects of a person’s state of health.

Macro photo of human eye, iris, pupil, e

Despite many theories as to how the inherited conditions and predispositions in our bodies, as well as the changes that have taken place during the degradation of our health or for that matter during its improvement, are exactly transposed through to the eyes, is still subject to research. Most theories are essentially based on the fact that the nerves that link our brain to every part of our body as well as the myriads of chemical reactions occurring non-stop in every one of our cells, and a lot of this massive amount of information is reported back to our brain.

close-up images of human eye, iris and c

The eyes are simply an extension to the brain and just as the massive amounts of information from our environment get captured by our eyes and get transferred to the brain, information from inside us gets transmitted to the brain which reflects it in our eyes. 

Indeed the eye’s retina and optic nerve are a part of the brain, as during early development a small part of the brain pouches out and becomes the retina and optic nerve.

The eye is therefore the only part of our brain which can be seen directly – it happens when the optician shines a bright light and looks at the retina, the innermost layer of our eye and the optic nerve that carries visual information to the brain, the most complex arrangement of matter in the known universe.                     

Macro photo of human eye, iris, pupil, e

“The eyes are the windows to our body.” Although this is an explanation lacking any conventional scientific depth for the moment and does not fully explain what happens in currently known or understood scientific terms, with the advent of quantum mechanics and epigenetics, new frontiers of knowledge are becoming exposed and available for the greater understanding of the role the eyes play, as a diagnostic tool to make us more aware of our body’s health.

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