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Improved stomach, energy and concentration

My name is Pauline, I have been seeing Bruno for 18+ years now with certain health issues. Over the years I have noticed I don't have any stomach problems and my energy and concentration has improved.  People often tell me that I look so well and ask me where do I... 

Pauline W.

A true beliver in Natural Therapy

I have been seeing Naturopaths for the past 30 years and have been treated by Bruno Maravich for the past 15 years or so.  I have always felt that there was a better way of looking after the body than by filling it with drugs, most of which have an adverse, rather than... 

Margaret R.

Allergic anaphylaxis last 8 years

Hello Bruno, I am writing to thank you for the treatment I have received in the past 4 months for my allergies. For the last 8 years or so I have been unable to go into the water or train hard without having major allergy attacks and a few hospital trips for anaphylaxis. I have... 

Stacey K.

Severe stomach Infection

Dear Bruno, I wish to thank you for the dramatic improvement in my health since I first came to see you. I am sure that there are many people who are in real trouble with their health and they are unaware of the existence of experts in Naturopathy or they are reluctant to try...

William McQ.

Chronic fatigue with complications

Dear Bruno, thank you for the wonderful health I now enjoy, my zest for life has returned after the worst year in my life. In February I developed tinnitus and hearing sensitivity. I couldn’t leave the house without wearing ear plugs as noise was extremely painful. Two weeks...

 Lee C.

Severe allergies and hayfever, new lease of life

Bruno Marevich has proven to be a very knowledgeable, caring and accurate Naturopath that I couldn’t recommend more highly to you. His diagnosis was extremely accurate, as was his treatment; all supported by careful monitoring and follow up. Bruno makes sure that you...

Shelley S.

Nut anaphylaxis cured

When I was two years old, I was visiting my uncle’s house and for the first time I ate a mixture of cashews and pistachio nuts, unaware that I had a nut allergy. After consuming the nuts a rash started appearing on my body and i began to choke. When my parents notice this they... 

Teigan E.

Baby with eczema and reflux

It was suggested that I see Bruno Marevich by a relative of mine after my concern for my 4 month old baby boy Mitchell was growing as his eczema and reflux was worsening quite rapidly and I was not happy or convinced with what the doctors were telling me to treat...  

Nicole A.

Monumental difference to my health

I highly recommend Bruno Marevich, Naturopath. I have been seeing Bruno for 10 years and he has made a monumental difference to my health and well being. In an age of mis-information, it is good to know that there is a clear direction available , supported by over... 

Andrew C.

More energy, calmer lost weight and sleep better

I am thankful to Bruno for his treatment as I and many others whom I have recommended, have experienced much better health. We are more energetic, calmer, lost weight, sleep better and feel better about ourselves. Personally, I have struggled a lot less with allergies of all... 

Lorraine S.

Extreme blood pressure and crashing energy

I had accompanied my flu sick husband to the GP and just out of fun got my blood pressure checked. I hate doctors for the simple reason that every medicine they prescribe has a side effect only to be treated at a later stage in life – nothing natural. My blood pressure reading... 

Reena J.

Chronic fatigue resolved beyond expectation

I had chronic fatigue and illness for years. After Bruno’s diet and supplements I can now exercise again without being sick for days afterwards. My mental acuteness has also significantly improved and my skin now looks tanned and full as opposed to pale and... 

Min I.

Pre-diabetic with chronic fatigue

I met Bruno many years ago when suffering with extremely unstable blood sugar levels. The levels read from extremely high to alarmingly and dangerously low. My G.P. was unable to help me, so on recommendation I contacted Bruno Marevich. He put me on a regime that... 

Pam S.


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