Online Video Consultations

From the privacy of your own home or workplace.

Would like to see us for a face to face naturopathic consultation but not feeling well enough to get out or can't find the time or living too far to commute to the clinic? 















We understand and are now providing the service of online naturopathic video consultations for patients who find this way of meeting with us more convenient.


Video consultations are easy to activate, all you are required to do is:

1) Have a smart phone but preferably a tablet or laptop or desktop pc with an inbuilt or attached video camera connected to your wi-fi or data.

2) Ring our clinic on +61 (02) 9899 5922 to book an appointment time for your video consultation.

3) Once booked, click on "Online Orders" on this web site and purchase an "Online Naturopathic Video Consultation - First - 40 Minutes". Your appointment time will now be locked in.

4) Complete and submit the "Patient Information Form" below and email any relevant blood tests or medical reports at a day or two  before  the appointment.      First consultation (40 mins.) is $150, others (20 mins.) $80.

5) On the day of the consultation you will receive our email containing our           invitation for you to join us at our booked video consultation. It will also contain a link for you to click which will allow to download the video conferencing  app (currently using "Zoom" and proceed on to our video consultation.

The only real difference between the in-clinic and the an online video consultation, apart from obviously not being in the same room, is that during a video consultation we are currently not capable of using iridology to help us with the diagnostic aspect. Considering that not many naturopaths use this method of diagnostics anyway and that we have three decades of experience in assisting patients achieve very successful outcomes with their health, this is normally not a problem. Of course, we would still encourage patients to come and see us at the clinic at a later and more convenient time if possible to benefit even more from the additional iridology session.  




Done! See you soon at our online video naturopathic consultation. The length of the consultation will be 40 minutes but please set aside a whole our just in case we go longer. Please find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted and with  good lighting so we can see each other clearly.


Looking forward to helping you "Make Your Health Great Again."

"A Good Naturopath Will Change Your Life"

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We have helped 10's of thousands enjoy greater health in over 3 decades of professional experience.

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