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*(click here for additional information if you prefer a telephone consultation)


1) First, ring our clinic on (02) 9899 5922 to book an appointment date and time for your naturopathic consultation.

2) Second, once booked, click on "Online Orders" and purchase a "Naturopathic Consultation - First - 40 Minutes $150". 

3) Next, complete and submit the "New Patient Form" below at least a day or two before your appointment. 

On the day before the consultation you will receive our courtesy reminder SMS advising you of your appointment's time next day.



*Prefer a Telephone Consultation

from the privacy of your own home or workplace?.

Would like a naturopathic consultation but not feeling well enough to get out, can't find the time or living too far to commute to the clinic? Easy...












...we understand and are now also providing the service of telephone naturopathic consultations to patients who choose this.


Telephone consultations are easy to activate, all you are required to do is:

1) Have a telephone land line or smart phone.

2) Ring our clinic on +61 (02) 9899 5922 to book an appointment date and time for your telephone consultation.

3) Once booked, click on "Online Orders" on this web site and purchase a "Naturopathic Telephone Consultation - First - 40 Minutes $150". Your appointment time will now be locked in. Unpaid and thus not locked in appointments will be cancelled after 24 hours. Please note that paid appointments are not refundable but can be changed to a next suitable appointment date.

4) Complete and submit the "New Patient Form" above and attach or email us, apart from any blood tests or reports which you have available, also a photo or selfie of yourself and one photo of your eyesas soon as possible after you have paid for the booking or at least a day or two before your appointment to give us time to go though these in detail. 

5) On the day before the consultation you will receive our courtesy reminder SMS advising you of your appointment's time tomorrow.

6) On your booked day, a few minutes before your consultation time, Henriette will call you to let you know that Bruno will be calling you soon. 

The only real difference between the in-clinic and the a telephone consultation, apart from obviously not being in the same room, is that during a telephone consultation we will caryning out iridology using the photos you have provided us rather than performing live microscopy. Considering that not many naturopaths use this method of diagnostics and that we have three decades of experience in assisting patients achieve very successful outcomes with their health, this is normally not a problem.

Rarely, telephone consultations may not be recommended for certain conditions. We maintain the right to decline booking the consultation if, in our opinion, the telephone consultation method is deemed unsuitable.



Then please either:

a) Call us on (02) 9899 5922 to book your appointment's day and time, and/or

b) Click on this link to be taken to ONLINE ORDERS and organise to pay for your First Consultation so that your appointment time may be locked in.


Then Please Proceed With Completing

And Submitting the NEW PATIENT FORM above:

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Looking forward to speaking with you at our scheduled telephone consultation.


The length of the consultation will be 40 minutes but please set aside a whole hour just in case we need to go longer.

Please find a quiet place with low noise, distractions and risk of interruptions so that we may both be able to hear each other clearly and derive great benefit from the conversation.

Looking forward to helping you "Make Your Health Great Again."

"A Good Naturopath Will Change Your Life"

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