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Lung disease with weakened immune system

(Name provided).

My first visit to Bruno Marevich was in 2006. A friend from Church was his patient and I knew she was very happy with his treatment. 


After having an endoscopy my doctor discovered helicobacter bacteria in the duodenum and insisted putting me on two strong antibiotics to eradicate it, which it did. A short time later it returned. I was determined not to go down the “antibiotic” road again and knew I needed an alternative approach to build up my immune system and support the digestive system.

I also have a lung disease (bronchiectasis) and candidiasis which have lead to a weakened immune system and digestive problems by having to take antibiotics for various infections. I then developed an irritable bowel syndrome. I have always been interested in Complementary Medicine and have taken various supplements and have done extensive research into alternative treatments.

Bruno used Eye Diagnosis (iridology) to aid him in his diagnoses of my various health issues and render assistance. He suggested a hypoglycemic diet to keep my blood sugar level stable and various supplements to support liver function, circulation, stomach acid and digestion. My immune system has certainly improved and some specific infections have never returned.

Bruno has always been there to support me through various on-going health concerns, both in person and over the phone. He has always offered a great deal of care, support and encouragement for which I feel so blessed.

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