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What will happen when you

attend our Clinic.

The following is the process that most patients coming to our clinic go through. Whilst not everyone's health and healing ability is the same, the process outlined below will give you a fairly good outline of what is likely to happen.   

This is what you may expect when you see us for your FIRST time:



1. We listen to your health concerns, review your health history and any medical tests or reports.

2. We perform microscopic Iridology / Eye Diagnosis (Opthalmotropic Phenomena - Angerer method) test to assist help us better understand your overall health condition and guide us towards the most desirable form of treatment. 

3. We explain to you our findings, the proposed treatment including the results you may expect if you proceed.

4. We detail any dietary changes and any recommended natural medicines if required.

The cost of the supplements or "natural medicines" will vary depending on the patient's condition with the average monthly cost, as a broad guide, currently being between $450 to $550 for an adult. The supplements are optional and based on your decision to proceed with the full treatment.

5. We advise you of possible detoxification symptoms that occasionally manifest themselves in the first few days of  the treatment.

6. We provide you with FREE telephone access, for your peace of mind, should any concerns or questions arise during the first month.

7. We ask most patients to come back for their second visit to check their progress in four weks time.




Your SECOND visit:

At that stage, even though most patients feel already much better than in some cases they had felt for years, have better energy all day long, tend to sleep more deeply all night long and get up in the morning feeling refreshed and finding it easier to get out of bed, it is kind-of all done with mirrors. It takes normally longer for most patients to achieve sufficient repair for their bodies to be able to maintain those improvements. Occasionally same may take a little longer to notice clear improvements. Rarely, others will need prolonged treatment before they beging to see improvements to their specific health concerns but in almost all cases they will all sense the valuable benefits to their general health. They have questions, we have questions. We ensure that they are understanding and following the program to the best of their abilities. 


Your SUBSEQUENT visits:

From here on, where required, we will continue to see the patient a few more times , usually on a four-weekly basis to ensure they remain feeling on top of their wave as they continue with their endeavour to repair as much as their bodies will allow this program to repair. Most patients have by now become quite used to feeling good and are committed to TMW. Some will make mistakes or take occasional departures from time to time, with food choices mainly, but will soon return to their proper path. Everyone tries the best they can and everyone enjoys the benefits derived from TMW.


When a certain stability has been reached and their bodies are capable of handling things on their own, some patients conclude the program and return to see us from time to time should anything change.

Many will feel better than they have ever done and will want to continue taking a reduced maintenance dosage of the required supplements and try to follow the philosophy of the diet, which they are now used to, as much as they can. Some will go back to a few of the old dietary habits i.e. the odd cup of coffee, glass of wine or a sweet, but the progress that they have made and the continued support from some of the supplements will generally see them in very good condition for the rest of their lives, which will already have been statistically prolonged because of having enrolled in TMW program.





When we see them again from time to time they will continue to report that they have never again been bothered by whatever brought them to see us in the first place, be they migraines, ulcers, cholesterol, tiredness, etc. etc. and will happily report that they hardly get any colds or other infections and if they do they are only mild and quick to pass.

"A Good Naturopath Will Change Your Life"

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