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Feeling Better than I had in 20 Years

Leo L.

I can’t thank Bruno enough.

After being diagnosed with diverticulitis I was terrified of going to hospitals which I know can lead to other complications and mis-treatment. I called Bruno and he carefully explained how he could try and help me with this. Once we met I knew I was in good hands.

Having this problem was in the making. I wasn’t “feeling right” – no energy, was experiencing bloating, constipation, couldn’t concentrate, felt lethargic and after every meal I just wanted to sleep, this had been happening for the past 4 years – despite the fact that GP’s and specialists told me they no idea what it was.

Bruno saw my problem by looking into my eyes (iridology). He told me that my sugar levels were all over the place, this made sense.

Within two weeks of treatment from Bruno I felt better than I had for 20 years.

My energy levels are now like a teenager’s, I ‘m much more optimistic and when I wake up I practically bounce out of bed, my energy levels are perfect all day, I’m regular and I actually look fresh and younger. 

I have spoken about Bruno to all my family and friends and know that some are also now getting help from him.

I’ve got my life back. I really can’t recommend you highly enough. I don’t just see Bruno Marevich as a natural doctor but because he truly cares about my well being, also replying to all my questions via email, I see him as a personal friend.


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