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Hospitalised with severe stomach problems

Trevor T.

About eight years ago I was hospitalised after coming down with what I thought was a stomach bug. I was placed on a series of medications by doctors but over the period of the next five years, I was in hospital at least once a year (twice in some cases) with the same issues. I was also struggling to eat large amounts of food and was feeling really tired during the day.

It came ahead in 2012 when whilst doing volunteer work at schools in Victoria I one day fell asleep during the middle of the day for about 10 minutes for no reason at all. That, coupled with another hospital visit and a craving for sweets every couple of hours was an alarm bell that something was wrong. I was lucky at the time to have a friend whose aunt was a Naturopath and suggested I should go to see one as it could help my problem. At first I was skeptical given that I knew little about natural medicine, but after putting it off for a couple of months, I could see that I needed to do something and so I looked up naturopaths on google and found Bruno.

Bruno has been a great help to me since day one, giving me information about the issues I had which no other doctor had been able to provide and put me on a path of healthy eating and taking supplements that immediately made me feel a lot more energetic and healthier. I did further tests at the doctor for a regular health check up last year and they found I had a mild case of what Bruno had told me about months before hand.

I haven’t been in hospital for any stomach issues since seeing Bruno and despite a very busy schedule of work and outside activities that sees me out and about most days of the week, I feel healthy and have the energy to do all I need to do, which I attribute a lot to Bruno and the way I try to live my life.

While I value the products Bruno provides me, for me Bioscorb and Intesticin are the ones that I feel have the greatest impact and have contributed to the health I have today.

I am more than satisfied with the results that have come from Bruno and encourage anyone with a health problem to go see him. He knows what he is doing and truly cares for those he looks after.

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