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We are very grateful to all those patients who put pen to paper to tell their stories so that those who would read them may benefit from their experience.

Thank you for your trust in Natural Medicine. It has been our great privilege to have been chosen to assist you and may you continue enjoying a long, healthy, happy life filled with energy and positivity.

I now have a heart 20 years younger than me

I am now 71  years old and have been fortunate to have always enjoyed a healthy and active life.

A little over one year ago, recommended by my son and daughter in law who had previously been a patient of Bruno, I went to see him because of  2 blocked heart arteries that the GP came across...


Lost weight, gained energy, more positive and enthusiastic 

I am half-way into my second month of following Bruno's advice and care and I feel amazing. I have been struggling with low energy, weight gain, depression and anxiety for several years. Bruno knew immediately what I needed and I can't believe how well I am...

Karynne C.

2 year stomach aches stopped in one day!

I had been struggling with stomach issues, gut illnesses and had painful stomach aches (up to multiple times a day) for almost 2 years. I tried seeing a doctor many times; had blood tests, ultrasounds, stool tests, etc. done but with no explanation for why my body was...  

Debbie W.

Frequent fainting episodes stopped

It was December 2015 when our daughter had her first fainting episode. She had just completed her first year at university and was looking forward to working during the school holidays and going on a cruise with our wonderful family. She had just... 

Nicola's Mum.

"A good naturopath will change your life"

They say "a good naturopath will change your life", and Bruno has changed mine.

He has helped me regain my health when I had no where else to go. His method is so simple yet so effective. I always look and feel my best on Bruno's products. We all need "The... 

Tijana P.

Brain fog and lethargy gone! 

Bruno has been amazing in helping me regain my energy and to be able to wake up every morning feeling alert without any brain fog or lethargy that made it difficult for me to function properly for years. He is very thoughtful and caring and explains in detail his... 

Sheryn M.

Accurate diagnosis and targeted intervention

I have visited Naturopaths and been interested in Natural Medicine for about 40 years. Bruno is the only Naturopath who I have consulted who can accurately diagnose a condition and specifically target an intervention. He uses Eye analysis, blood tests and other data to take... 

Margaret C.

Stomach problems since I was a little kid

I've had stomach problems and digestion issues since I was a little kid and ever since I started working, the problem only got worse with stress and pressure from the job. I've gone to my local GP and talked to many doctors about what the problem could be (and did some blood... 

Julia M.

Prevention can save us from invasive pocedures

I've been seeing Bruno for 25 years on a regular basis. I believe I owe my good health over this time to Bruno. Whenever I have a health concern the first thing I do is see Bruno. He's never misdiagnosed my condition and has set me on a course of treatment that has benefited the... 

Pam M.

Poor digestion and bloating

My name is Carla and I am 52 years old. I first found out about Bruno through a friend’s friend, she was talking about how much he helped her with her weight loss and general wellbeing. I have been to Naturopaths before, so I thought I would look Bruno up. When I...

Carla O.

20kg lighter and in excellent health

Bruno was recommended to me in 2009 and I have been seeing him since then for various reasons, in regards to which he has always been able to help. The most successful of these was a 20kg weight loss, weight I had gained from taking steroids for allergies and which... 

Roslyn B.

Years of battling hormonal and weight issues

Thank you Bruno for bringing back what I really feel being the optimum me after many many years of battling hormonal and weight issues. You have been brutally honest on what my health is heading to and understood how to achieve the best outcome on my health.Because... 

Jey T.

Chronic immune and gut issues since young

I've had chronic immune and gut issues ever since I was a teenager. After just 3 short months with Bruno my immune system had recovered and my energy levels had tripled! I honestly cannot thank him enough for how he has changed my life. Bruno has done more for me in 3... 

Caleb F.

Always tired and mood swings

Before I was introduced to Bruno, I was already eating "pretty well", drinking minimal alcohol, not smoking etc and had was exercising...but I was tired all the time. Even after a solid night's sleep! I was 40 but feeling like I was 60! I was also getting "mood swings"... 

Glen P.


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Fellow Member Of Complementary Medicine Association
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We have helped 10's of thousands enjoy greater health in over 3 decades of professional experience.

Bruno Marevich - Naturopath
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