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The Australian Naturopathics brand of supplements has now been prescribed and beneficially used by tens of thousands of people seeking to improve their particular health conditions, providing enormous clinical data and experience for their effective and safe use.

In 2001 Bruno  was honoured with a Fellowship to the Complementary Medicine Association where he had served in the capacity of Federal Secretary for many years in recognition to his contribution to the advancement of Naturopathic Medicine in Australia.


In 2002, after some ten years of consulting at their clinic in Macquarie Street, Sydney, Bruno and Henriette moved to their present practice in Castle Hill where they currently see patients from all over Sydney and internationally.


Brunos' time outside the Clinic is largely dedicated to his passion for the study and research into the latest scientific advancements in the field of complementary medicine and the ongoing improvements of his own formulas.

Bruno and Henriette remain passionately dedicated to their goal of educating the world of the beneficial powers of natural healing, the relief from disease and suffering and the reduction of unnecessary dependence on medicinal drugs. Thousands of their patients are happy to have already experienced this. 




We support and guide your own body to a road of physical recovery and wellbeing by stimulating, supporting and balancing its own innate powerful healing resources.

Naturopathy therefore endeavours to transcend the mere rendering of symptomatic relief and goes deeper by seeking to engage the response and holistic cooperation of the vital systems of our body.

A holistic approach to healing brings many other tangible benefits to our lives since good health is much more than the mere absence of disease. It is also a state of being where we feel at our best and are capable of interacting with the world around us in a manner which brings material and emotional benefits and empowerment to us and those we come into contact with.

An experienced, well qualified Naturopath will have had ongoing success with helping patients reach their personal best. A good Naturopath will also coach each patient according to their abilities and state of health, educate them about their makeup and constitution and guide them so that they will keep on enjoying long lasting and longevity promoting  benefits from their visits.

"A Good Naturopath Will Change Your Life"

Bruno and Henriette Marevich see patients at their Castle Hill Clinic.

As one of the first University degree qualified Naturopaths in Australia, Brunos' long experience in the Complementary Medicine field benefited profoundly from his close work and association with some of the early founding figures of modern Naturopathic Medicine in Australia.


This was also influential in Brunos' formulating of his own unique and highly effective range of nutritional medicines brand of Australian Naturopathics to help improve the health of the Australian people under the supervision and guidance of their own complementary medicine physician.


Australian Naturopathics Pty Ltd

Bruno Marevich - Naturopath

BHSc (Complementary Medicine), ND Advanced, NLP (Master), FMCMA
Fellow Member Of Complementary Medicine Association
Suite 2, 80 Cecil Avenue, Castle Hill N.S.W. 2156
(02) 9899 5922

We have helped 10's of thousands enjoy greater health in over 3 decades of professional experience.

Bruno Marevich - Naturopath
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