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Bad side effects from back pain drugs

Glynis D.

After a motor vehicle accident in 2001. I started using painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets almost daily for back pain. Later, I moved on to the “heavy” painkillers and increased the dosages of the painkiller and the and the anti-inflammatory, and all this under the supervision of a neuro-surgeon.

I also started to take sleeping tablets and when the Drs decided not to prescribe them any longer, I was already addicted to it. This went on for seven years and in 2008, I collapsed and was hospitalized. I had to have surgery on my spine, and the neuro surgeon informed me that the operation would only be a “pain reliever” for two years, and I would need more than one operation on my spine and neck to sort out my problems. I had the surgery and after a long recovery, the pain was back, and so, I started the cycle all over again, and more tablets were added to the list, including tablets for anxiety, depression, and muscle relaxants. I suffered with migraines, headaches, gastro and liver problems, rapid weight gain, dry mouth, insomnia, palpitations, sweats, tiredness, ulcers and high blood pressure.

I started a six months programme with Bruno Marevich using the natural products and supplements prescribed by him, and also weekly Myorthotics sessions, whilst I continued to take my prescribed medication. Under his guidance, after two months, I was able to stop taking the antidepressants and sleeping tables and after another month, I stopped taking all other prescription medication. I currently only take the supplements and products that Bruno prescribed. I don’t need the prescribed medication any longer because I am now pain free and feel like a new person.

His products reversed all the bad side effects of my prescribed medicines. I have been pain free for months, sleeping well, lost weight, my cholesterol and sugar levels are down and most of all I can actually enjoy my life. I have started walking four kilometers three times a week.. something which I have not been able to do for 13 years!!

Bruno has supported me and guided me through this programme, unlike the Doctors who could not care less. He also showed a personal interest in my well being and guided me step by step through the programme. Thank you for your help Bruno Marevich, the journey was well worth it!!!

I will continue on this path as long as possible.

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