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I now live a healthy life

Jenny B.

Many years ago, in my late 30’s, I developed allergies to many foods. I had great trouble in controlling the effects the allergies had on my body. They varied from swollen lips and hives, also coughing fits etc.


Although I avoided eating foods and drinks which I was allergic to, I still experienced allergic attacks from eating non-allergic foods. the GP’s reaction to control these side effects was just to prescribe me copious amounts of cortisone which long term would have led to kidney failure and other complications.

Bruno Marevich not only assisted me in establishing a correct diet but also got my digestive system back on track and where it was evident that certain vitamins and minerals were missing from my diet he assisted me with various supplements to get my digestive system back on track.


As a result of this and by following a regular maintenance system of taking supplements daily, I now live a healthy life participating in sports, walking and enjoying life to the fullest degree.

I realise that if I did not persevere with this maintenance program I would not lead the life I now do.

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