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Liver tumor

Ingrid D.

In July 2013 a small tumour was discovered on my liver, as months passed the tumour grew in size as did many changes to my body such as weight gain, constantly feeling tired and not being able to eat much food without being sick.

February 2014 I had the tumour removed along with half my liver and gallbladder. The surgery was tough as it could not be done through keyhole due to the size. After 10 days in hospital I was able to go home and back to normal life. Thankfully the tests showed it was not cancer. As the scar healed and the body healed the weight did not drop off even though I was hardly eating anything as I was either sick when I ate or after a couple of mouths I was sick. The doctor and the specialist said just give it time and my diet shouldn’t change and I should be able to eat like before as the surgery would not change my eating habits.

As month after month went by I noticed eating was harder and I didn’t want to eat as it was easier not to so I wouldn’t be sick. But now other signs were staring to show that something wasn’t right within me. Yet the doctors and specialists said nothing was wrong. I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t healing as I should.

Bruno Marevich was recommended to me and I thought I had nothing to lose as I had tried everything else and why not meet him and see if there was anything that he could do. I had never been to a naturopath and I thought it would be perfect as it could be more natural as the doctors only wanted me to take tablets and medications.

I went to my appointment with an open mind and a list of concerns as long as my arm. I had concerns with my food and not being able to eat or being sick when I did, constantly feeling tired and fatigued, feeling light headed and having no energy, depression started to affect me. I was up and down with emotions, my hair was falling out, my nails wouldn’t grow and were thin and brittle. I constantly had a sweet taste in my mouth, my legs were constantly sore and muscles were sore, I still had a lot of pain also from the surgery as well as not sleeping well so I guess you could say I was feeling pretty sick all the time.

Bruno was great. I felt comfortable as soon as I walked into his office. He was able to see all my symptoms without me even telling him anything and he could even tell me things that I haven’t even told my doctor, all by just looking into my eyes. He explained everything to me and in a way that I could understand it. He then went through what he recommended with a new eating plan as well as some tablets and powders. He said that within the first 1-2 months I would know if this was right for me. I cried a sign of relief that someone finally had given me some light at the end of the tunnel.

The eating plan was going to be tough as I had to cut out anything sweet (I had been using sweet food especially jelly beans to give me energy and get through the day) as well as dairy foods and other foods such as white bread, coffee, alcohol and selected fruit but if it meant that I would start to feel normal and back to my old self I would give it a go and follow the new eating plan.

Within the first week the eating plan was a second nature and was easy to follow and my family joined me on it. I got into my habit of eating breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. I just could not believe how easy it was to change my habits. I noticed my energy levels had changed and I was feeling less tired by the middle of the first month. As the month went by I noticed less pain within my legs and muscles.

By the second month I noticed less of my hair falling out and I was starting to lose weight. Not only did my energy levels keep up with me but I was now sleeping through the whole night and not waking up fatigued and tired. I also noticed that the pain from the surgery was getting less and less often, my stress had also been reduced and I felt more in control of my anxiety, feelings and emotions. It was also getting easier to eat the right foods and adapt foods when I went out to lunch or dinner. Life was looking good.

I have now been seeing Bruno for almost 6 months and I am still on my eating plan and really enjoying the healthy eating. I am still on the tablets as well as on the powders which we are looking at slowly reducing. My energy levels are now high, I am sleeping through the night and have lost 35kg. My hair is now back to normal and I only feel leg pain when I have been walking and running around a lot. I still have control of my stress levels and emotions. I guess you could say I’m now getting my mojo back as everyone has noticed a change within me and I am looking forward to a great new year with the new me.

I am so glad that Bruno was recommended to me. I have not looked back and I would recommend Bruno to everyone who wants to feel better and get their health and energy back.

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