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I now have a heart 20 years younger than me


I am now 71  years old and have been fortunate to have always enjoyed a healthy and active life.


A little over one year ago, recommended by my son and daughter in law who had previously been a patient of Bruno, I went to see him because of  2 blocked heart arteries that the GP came across after finding an irregular heartbeat.  I was sent to do a stress test at the cardiologist.  I didn't make the 85 number they were looking for and  reached 78.

The doctors recommended a stent and 80mg of dangerous cholesterol medication with a possibility of heart surgery if these treatments did not work. We disagreed with the specialist and chose to see Bruno Marevich,  Naturopath, instead. 

Bruno put me onto a program which involved dietary changes and certain natural medications. I did not take the cholesterol medication nor went ahead with the stent.  After I started with Bruno, we let the GP know what we had decided, and were advised that this was all dangerous.  We were told that I was seriously risking death.


I continued with the program and 6 months later, my blood test came back nearly perfect.  10 months from the first stress test, I did another one with a cardiologist. The cardiologist went crazy when I told him I hadn't taken his medication.  On the day of the stress test, he alerted the nearby hospital of a possible cardiac arrest. He assumed I was likely going have an attack on the treadmill.


As the stress test started, his mood changed from angry to shocked.  My numbers stayed low no matter how hard the stress test increased to.  When it was over, he said "You've made this very hard for me as it goes against all my beliefs and studies.  But your heart is 20 years younger than you".


The cardiologist said he cannot do much as it is the first time in his 30 year career he comes across this.  He told me to continue what I was doing and just see him each 6 months for a check up.

Under Bruno's guidance, I have lost 12kg and feel overall much better, healthier and younger.

I am very happy that I have taken the right decision of getting my health into good shape and avoided major heart surgery.


I thank Bruno very much for his help in achieving what doctors and drugs could not have done. 

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