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Nut anaphylaxis cured

Teigan E.

When I was two years old, I was visiting my uncle’s house and for the first time I ate a mixture of cashews and pistachio nuts, unaware that I had a nut allergy. After consuming the nuts a rash started appearing on my body and i began to choke.

When my parents notice this they immediately took me to the local medical centre. When we got there the doctor told my parents that I may have a nut allergy and to get this tested but they ignored it thinking a nut allergy was not anything to worry about. A year later a similar incident occurred at my auntie’s house. This time, when I ate the nuts, the reaction was worse, I started to choke and swell up so that I could hardly breathe. My parents took me to emergency where the doctors confirmed my nut allergy and referred me to a specialist. This time my parents did not ignore the doctor and realised that a nut allergy is really something to worry about.

A couple of years later a friend of my dad’s told us about Bruno Marevich – Naturopath at Castle Hill so we decided to go and see Bruno. He gave me a medicine to take for nine months as well as some specific diet changes to help with my nut allergy.

After following his directions well for the nine months, Bruno asked me to do a nut allergy test to confirm what we thought, that I was not allergic to nuts anymore. At the hospital I got tested with progressively larger doses of nuts.

The Hospital’s doctors came to the same conclusion and they agreed with Bruno. I was not allergic to nuts anymore, my nut allergy had been cured and has remained that way ever since.

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