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Baby with eczema and reflux

Nicole A.

It was suggested that I see Bruno Marevich by a relative of mine after my concern for my 4 month old baby boy Mitchell was growing as his eczema and reflux was worsening quite rapidly and I was not happy or convinced with what the doctors were telling me to treat him with.

So I rang Bruno in desperation thinking if I don’t like what he says I just won’t do it, but what’s the worst it could be.

I am the type of person who actually puts myself last and even though I thought I was quite healthy I was brought to realisation that I was not. At our first visit with Bruno, he looked into my eyes and told me what my bad eating habits were (much to my horror), and explained why they were so bad and how this could be causing the reflux and eczema for Mitchell  as I was breast feeding him.


He suggested that I follow a no sugar diet for hypoglycemia and take Bactolife daily, both Mitchell and myself. Within the first week I noticed Mitchell was getting easier to settle and sleeping longer, along with the eczema beginning to disappear. By the end of the month you could not even have known he had eczema nor reflux and my milk supply had increased noticeably.

I had also lost about 4kg of unwanted post baby weight which I felt was a bonus, everywhere I went people were commenting on how I looked and I was feeling pretty good as well. It has now been over a year later and I still continue to see Bruno for the wellbeing of my family and myself. I have learnt an incredible amount about what I put into my body and the effects it can have. I also have been able to keep clear of serious colds and flu viruses that have been going around, even my 4 and now 1 year olds have only had minor colds, nothing to slow them down.

We all now take BACTOLIFE on a daily basis, hubby included! I also take Bruno’s supplements to improve my metabolism and immune system. I haven’t felt this good about myself for ever nor have I had the energy or most important the motivation to continue with what I call a lifestyle change.

I have told many people about Bruno and will continue to do so.

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