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Severe allergies and hayfever, new lease of life

Shelley S.

Bruno Marevich has proven to be a very knowledgeable, caring and accurate Naturopath that I couldn’t recommend more highly to you. His diagnosis was extremely accurate, as was his treatment; all supported by careful monitoring and follow up. Bruno makes sure that you have useful information and explains things, so you can understand terms and treatment. When I found Bruno Marevich I had very severe allergies and hayfever that were gradually getting worse and impacting heavily on the life of not only myself, but my family. I could even hardly do anything, or go anywhere outside as I would be ill for the rest of the day/ week.

Bruno’s diagnosis of me was astoundingly accurate. He asked me to tell him in one sentence only what the main issue was that I was coming to him for. Then using iridology he began to accurately list all the heath issues I had and even some past issues. He claimed that he could help me with all of these, and he was correct.

I began the detox treatment right away. This involved a combination of supplements and diet and lifestyle adjustments. The more dedicated you are to following the regime, the better the results. It is an adjustment at the start, but becomes a normal lifestyle as you go along. A couple of weeks after starting this treatment I found that I was not needing the array of hay fever and allergy medications that I had been surviving on for years. Six months later I have almost forgotten about the pile of things I was previously taking to just “survive”. Such a dramatic change!

There were many other benefits too… I began losing weight, something I hadn’t been able to do, no matter what I tried for years. In fact I was just continually putting on weight even when I tried to lose it. Six months later, I now have lost a total of 17kg. Also, my immune system has kicked into action again. I no longer get every bug that is going around. My circulation has vastly improved. Bloating, a continuous upset tummy and diarrhoea has disappeared and my energy has returned. I feel like I have a new lease of life.

My husband was so impressed with the results I got that he began changing his eating habits and he has lost 5kg now too. My daughter has been seeing Bruno as well with similar dramatic results. Thanks Bruno.

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Bruno Marevich - Naturopath

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Bruno Marevich - Naturopath
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