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Severe stomach Infection

William McQ.

Dear Bruno,

I wish to thank you for the dramatic improvement in my health since I first came to see you.

I am sure that there are many people who are in real trouble with their health and they are unaware of the existence of experts in Naturopathy or they are reluctant to try a new approach when conventional medicine fails to produce satisfactory results. I would encourage such people to do what I did and refuse to give up their search for good health.

Five years ago I suffered a stomach infection and I had to swallow 200 antibiotics in one month to kill the infection. Unfortunately, this killed off the good bacteria as well as the infection. I also developed high blood pressure and ended up on a very large dosage of Tritace tablets.

The end result was that my stomach stopped working and this produced a very bad psychological effect.

I could not sleep and my weight increased to 92 kg. I continuously consulted doctors and specialists to try to find a solution. I had one endoscopy and two colonoscopies but no solution was found.

Today, I have lost 12 kilos, I sleep well and I am on a very low dosage of blood pressure tablets ie 5mg daily. I feel relaxed and healthy and, under your continuing care, I look forward to getting back to excellent health in the near future. I had given up hope when I came to see you initially. I was referred to you by Miss Pam A. who was already  very grateful patient.

Again, thank you sincerely, Bruno. Without your expertise I am convinced that my health would have been in a terrible state by now. I welcomed the opportunity to do all the things that were necessary once i realised that you held the solution to my problems.

I would have no hesitation in encouraging people with health problems to consult with you.

With Kindest Regards,

William H McQ.

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