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Extreme blood pressure and crashing energy

Reena J.

I had accompanied my flu sick husband to the GP and just out of fun got my blood pressure checked. I hate doctors for the simple reason that every medicine they prescribe has a side effect only to be treated at a later stage in life – nothing natural.


My blood pressure reading gave the doctor a shock, only to re-measure it 4 times after lying me down for 15 min. My husband was suggested to admit me to the hospital immediately, put on medication and not to let me walk or do any exercise. I on the other hand refused to abide. I went home and for an hour long solo walk. Pondering what to do and who to turn to. My husband was on phone with the top notch doctors of NSW, my mum was worried with fear and my eight year old had no idea whatsoever. My brother came to my rescue and asked me to give Bruno Marevich a call. 

The diagnosis – My insulin levels were out of whack and all the other necessary organs playing up as a side effect. He narrated my regular day’s progress as if he read me like a book. I started his treatment in full faith with immediate effect taking place. The results started showing in 3 weeks.

Changes had to be made – My kitchen pantry and my body had undergone an overhaul. I had chucked out 12 boxes full of food (opened and sealed). My grocery shopping list was different, full of fresh, healthy food choices and devoid of any junk. It was slowly becoming a life style change. My body went from extreme up and crashing down energy levels to consistent full of energy to cope with a 24 hour day. My sleep was uninterrupted, calm and peaceful like a baby. I woke up with bright shiny eyes eager to get out of bed & start my day – no lethargy. My dresses started getting loose (I hadn’t aimed for that, but any excuse to shop was great!). My son loves to see me swimming, jogging, cycling and gyming again. My husband was flattered with the attention I was getting in public. My success at work and career growth was looking in one direction only – UP! I was no more cranky, upset or angry. I am a happy positive person with ‘Can do’ attitude. Bruno had turned my life around completely.

Anyone who asked me the secret of my very visible transformation was given Bruno’s contact details and an account of my experience. I can confidently say that they all have been benefited in one way or the other. Thank you Bruno for everything.

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