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Chapter 7: The Marevich Way (TMW) to Energy and Health

The naturopathic and scientific methods of treatment outlined and discussed in some detail so far in this book, accompanied by case studies based on testimonials received from some of our patients, broadly and generally represent what over the years of clinical use has grown to be referred to as ‘The Marevich Way’ (TMW).

TMW encapsulates the diagnostic methods, the particular systems and functions of the body that we focus on and treat in order to gain an overall holistic and homeostatic regenerative reaction, with the aim of promoting energy and repair and guide the patient’s body back into a ‘healing mode’.

As it’s clear from the several case studies, when the body goes back into a “healing mode” practically everything else begins to repair. Most of the patients whose success stories are happily told in their testimonials, may have come to see us with often different and very specific conditions as diverse as those listed on our website and listed below:

General and metabolic issues such as:

Diabetes, insulin resistance, hypoglycaemia, cholesterol, gout, tiredness, insomnia, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, headaches, migraines and thyroid dysfunctions.

Digestive tract problems including:

Reflux, constipation, irritable bowel, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, celiac and helicobacter pylori.

Immune system related condition:

Respiratory problems such as colds, asthma sinusitis as well as skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and dermatitis plus other allergies, intolerances and sensitivities and autoimmune disorders.

Hormonal and fertility difficulties including:

Period problems, menopausal issues, endometriosis, fibroids, polycystic ovaries, female and male fertility.

Cardiovascular issues including:

Heart problems, cardiomyopathies, atherosclerosis, circulation problems and blood pressure.

Muscular and skeletal conditions including:

Lower back and sciatica problems, neck and shoulder pain including headaches and migraines and we specialise in the Myorthotics treatment technique.

Despite the length of this list, it covers only the most common conditions we help patients using TMW day in and day out. The practical success of TMW has been constant and predictable. The exceptionally vast percentage of the tens of thousands of patients we have helped, have all been assisted using the standard TMW program. The same can thus be also said for all the short testimonials at the front of the book as well as for all the listed case studies scattered throughout it.

Some patients, perhaps 10% overall, have had to have the standard TMW program tweaked and adjusted to fit their particular condition or sensitivity (i.e. children, pregnant and lactating mothers, patients with unusual food sensitivities or genetic defects, patients requiring extra symptomatic support whilst the real causes of their condition were being treated, such as chronic arthritis sufferers, patients suffering with heavy depression or anxiety, etc.). The changes from the standard TMW for these people would normally be in the form of some dietary changes from our standard hypoglycaemic diet or an increase or reduction of supplements.

Again, the vast majority of our patients, regardless of their specific, medically diagnosed or not condition, will start and finish their treatment on the standard TMW program.



Now, let’s get down to nitty gritty and discuss the process that most patients coming to our clinic go through.

To summarise TMW, these are its main components:

1)    Take the patient’s health history and medical reports if any.

2)    Carry out eye diagnosis to define the patients constitutional condition

and any significant signs relating to their present health.

3)    Explain the findings to the patient and the proposed treatment and how this is expected to assist in the improvement of the specific condition/s they have come to see us for.

4)    Explain hypoglycaemic diet.

5)    Explain supplements, why they are being prescribed and how they are to be taken.

6)    Explain any possible detox symptoms that occasionally manifest themselves in the first few days of the treatment. We request that they call the clinic to discuss any detox effects or any concerns should they arise. Indeed in our clinic all our new patients are entitled to free telephone support during their first month to make them feel secure that if they need us they should have no reasons not to call us.

7)    We ask the patient to come back in two weeks’ time for their first follow-up visit. At that stage they usually feel better, they have questions, we have questions. We ensure that they are following and understanding TMW program to the best of their abilities. At this stage most patients are seeing improvement and are pleased and excited about what is going on. Occasionally same may take a little longer.

8)    Patients then come back in two more weeks to ensure all is proceeding well. By now most patients are well out of detox, have better energy all day long, tend to sleep more deeply all night long and get up in the morning feeling refreshed and finding it easier to get out of bed.

9)    At that stage, even though most patients feel already much better than in some cases they had felt for years, it is kind-of all done with mirrors. It takes normally longer for most patients to have had sufficient repair in their gastrointestinal tract and resensitisation of their cellular membranes to allow better response to insulin signalling by the glucose receptors.

10)   From here on, where required, we will continue to see the patient a few more times , usually on a four-weekly basis to ensure they remain feeling on top of the wave as they continue with their endeavour to repair as much as their bodies will allow this program to repair. Most patients have by now become quite used to feeling good and are committed to TMW. Some will make mistakes or take occasional departures from time to time, with food choices mainly, but will soon return to their proper path. Everyone tries the best they can and everyone enjoys the benefits derived from TMW.

11)   When a certain stability has been reached and their bodies are capable of handling things on their own, some patients conclude the program and return to see us from time to time should anything change.

Many will feel better than they have ever done and will want to continue taking a reduced maintenance dosage of the required supplements and try to follow the philosophy of the diet, which they are now used to, as much as they can. Some will go back to a few of the old dietary habits i.e. the odd cup of coffee, glass of wine or a sweet, but the progress that they have made and the continued support from some of the supplements will generally see them in very good condition for the rest of their lives, which will already have been statistically prolonged because of having enrolled in TMW program.

12)   When we see them again from time to time they will continue to report that they have never again been bothered by whatever brought them to see us in the first place, be they migraines, ulcers, cholesterol, tiredness, etc., etc. and will happily report that they hardly get any colds, if they do they are only mild and quick to pass.

Most importantly, their lives will almost always have changed for the better. The newly found energy gave them the confidence to move on in life and tackle opportunities that they may just not have been confident enough with their past energy and health condition to take on.


Eye Diagnosis


Apart from taking health history and examining other available medical tests, we will also, using a specialised microscope, carry out an ‘eye diagnosis’ of each patient to help us identify issues about their bodies which are useful to a naturopath.

For those who do not know, this is not actually an eye test to determine the physical condition of the eyes.

Eye diagnosis gives us the tools to see disease potential in the patient’s body (from genetic weakness) and recognise metabolic individuality. This vital information can lead us to explore further diagnostic testing and/or therapeutic interventions. Above all, eye diagnosis is useful in preventative medicine which is the key to recognising and treating an organ weakness or function before it has manifested clinically as a disease.

Most of what is known today about eye diagnosis has come to us from Germany, where this form of diagnosis has a very strong and reputable basis. Many medical practitioners in Germany are reputed to be using eye diagnosis as part of their diagnostic armoury.

The term ‘eye diagnosis’ refers more accurately than ‘iris diagnosis’ or the more commonly used term ‘iridology’ which refers specifically to the study of the iris. Eye diagnosis employs the study of other parts of the eye as well including the pupil, sclera, conjunctiva and retina. Therefore eye diagnosis is also, even more correctly, called the study of ‘ophthalmological phenomena’.

A good eye diagnostician, like any other health professional must start with the assumption that each patient is an individual. Each person is unique. This means that any system of diagnosis, including eye diagnosis, should not be looked as an exact science but also an art.

In practiced hands, eye diagnosis is an extremely valuable tool because the signs in the eye indicate most aspects of a person’s state of health.

Despite many theories as to how the inherited conditions and predispositions in our bodies, as well as the changes that have taken place during the degradation of our health or for that matter during its improvement, are exactly transposed through to the eyes, is still subject to research. Most theories are essentially based on the fact that the nerves that link our brain to every part of our body as well as the myriads of chemical reactions occurring non-stop in every one of our cells, and a lot of this massive amount of information is reported back to our brain.

The eyes are simply an extension to the brain and just as the massive amounts of information from our environment get captured by our eyes and get transferred to the brain, information from inside us gets transmitted to the brain which reflects it in our eyes.

Indeed the eye’s retina and optic nerve are a part of the brain, as during early development a small part of the brain pouches out and becomes the retina and optic nerve. The eye is therefore the only part of our brain which can be seen directly – it happens when the optician shines a bright light and looks at the retina, the innermost layer of our eye and the optic nerve that carries visual information to the brain, the most complex arrangement of matter in the known universe.

“The eyes are the windows to our body.” Although this is an explanation lacking any scientific depth for the moment and does not fully explain what happens in currently known or understood scientific terms, with the advent of quantum mechanics and epigenetics, new frontiers of knowledge are becoming exposed and available for the greater understanding of the role the eyes play, as a diagnostic tool to make us more aware of our body’s health.



The Nutritional Program


As explained in detail in Chapter 4, there is virtually no one whose blood-sugar regulation is even close to what it should be from the very young to the very old. Most of the populations’ blood glucose will have been subjected to trips on a highs and lows roller coaster way before the children even mature to school age.

One may agree to this on the basis of having heard that it is a disease that can be attributed primarily to a greater prosperity in the western world than ever before in history. Whilst there is certainly some truth in this, you may be surprised that Asia and Africa rank just as high and are quickly increasing, with over 100 million diabetics in China alone.

Over the years we have strived to develop a diet that would suit the vast majority of our patients. It had to be nutritionally well balanced, provide sufficient energy but also empower healthy weight loss (as can be seen by the many weight loss reports in this book’s testimonials) as well as help improve other health scourges such as diabetes, out of balance cholesterol levels, blood pressure, digestive problems, and to encourage good bacterial growth and a healthy intestine. It had to be able to be used by most people with only small modifications, from the young to the old. Not a lot to ask.

We developed the hypoglycaemic diet by researching, studying and testing out other nutritional plans, some old and others more modern.. Guess what, after giving it to several thousand patients and seeing continuous superior results than any other diets when used in conjunction with our supplements, we wondered why we should not give to each and every one of our patients. With a few notable exceptions – being those patients who have opted for whatever reasons, mostly moral or religious to be vegetarians or vegans – all of our other patients are placed on a hypoglycaemic eating program as part of TMW.

Best decision we ever made, now whole families that come to see us (mum has hormonal problems and would like to lose some weight, dad has high cholesterol and feels tired, daughter feels tired too and has embarrassing skin outbreaks, son gets frequent colds and asthma attacks that cause him to take a lot of time from school and not be able to participate in school or other sports, grandpa has blood pressure and reflux and grandma has bad arthritis and chest pains) are on the same TMW diet.

They can all get rid of the same wrong foods in the house and mum and grandma do not have to cook different meals for everyone in the house.

Best of all, despite their very different starting conditions, they all get healthier whilst on the same program,  feel better and the doctor can then start reducing their medicinal drugs.

The three main rules for the hypoglycaemic diet are:



To help stabilise blood-sugar levels, some food should be consumed during the day at regular intervals not greater than three hours apart. It is important to be ‘proactive’ - don’t wait for your blood sugar to drop before having some food. Use a ‘stepping-stone’ approach: i.e., eat enough at breakfast to last until morning tea and so on knowing that the next meal is not too far away and you need not go hungry.


As a general rule, the faster your blood-sugar level goes up, the faster it also falls back down. Therefore, all foods which cause blood sugar to rise too rapidly must be avoided or restricted (mainly simple but also some other starchy carbohydrates).


The ideal balance, to give sufficient cell building food, energy building foods and fibre for the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract is two-thirds complex carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, wholemeal pastas/breads/flour, brown rice, lentil, etc.) and at least one-third animal protein (fish, poultry, meats and eggs). It is essential that some animal protein be consumed at each major meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner – breakfast being most important).

It is obvious that all diets should ideally be carried out with the support of a qualified practitioner. It is impossible for any diet, no matter how good, to suit each and every person on this large planet as there will always be an exception.

We recommend therefore that you should only start any dietary programme, ours included, after discussing your specific case with with a qualified practitioner.




I was fortunate enough as explained earlier in the book to have been mentored by extraordinary naturopaths. People would queue up to go see them and would always get the results they were hoping to get and often more than they expected. One thing some of these practitioners had in common in those days was that they knew a lot about which forms and combinations of vitamins worked and which ones did not.

Also, the right good vitamins were not so easy to find so that some naturopaths who had started practicing some thirty or forty years before I ever saw my first patient, were also making their own vitamins. My foremost mentor, Robert Lucy already owned an ultramodern supplements manufacturing plant in Castle Hill which was fully registered with the Australian regulating authorities, staffed with workers, chemists and PhD-level staff focused on producing leading edge, high quality vitamins.


What a better person for me to learn all about formulating, manufacturing and prescribing vitamins than a man who in order to give the right nutrients to the patients who were knocking the doors down to come and see him many years ago had only one choice at that time – to make them himself. Many of the current day better known and well reputed brands found in health food shops and pharmacies also started off in this way.

That start continued my intense love affair with finding the best combination of individual nutrient ingredients that when properly combined together would benefit almost every one and almost every condition.

Most of the supplements we have been prescribing to our patients for the last almost 20 years are the Australian Naturopathics brand of products, all formulated by us and manufactured in Australia under stringent good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations by large, ultra-modern  pharmaceutical products contract manufacturers. We regularly prescribe and supply the following broad categories of supplements to practically every patient, for almost every condition:

A)   For the gastrointestinal tract and the liver:

Supplement 1: Herbs and vitamins which will REMOVE the bad bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract and at the same time also help reduce overall inflammation

Supplement 2: Herbs and vitamins which will help REPAIR and regrow the villi and the mucosal lining of the intestine

Supplement 3: Prebiotics and probiotics to supply the digestive tract with healthy intestinal bacteria.

Supplement 4: Herbs and vitamins to facilitate the liver detoxification process, stabilise the liver function and help regenerate and regrow health liver cells, hepatocytes


B)   To reduce damaging oxidative stress:

Supplement 5: Vitamins and minerals which will act as electron donors i.e. antioxidants and immune system boosters


C)   To improve the absorption of nutrients at cellular level:

Supplement 6: A formulation consisting mainly of B group vitamins and herbs that allow the biochemical processing of carbohydrates for energy production in our cells.

Supplement 7: A formulation which assists the absorption and processing of fatty acids by the cells in the body by helping the fatty acids cross the cellular membrane and process these into energy.

These seven groups of vitamins are meant to address the areas and functions that you want to be able to get your vitamins to affect, influence and improve. We have purposely stayed away from nominating the specific name of each vitamin, herb or mineral. There are a very large number of vitamins available these days and they all have varying or sometimes slightly different ingredients used to try to achieve the same result. For example when talking about antioxidants, apart from the well-known vitamin C there are many other vitamins that are better or not as good antioxidants.

The best way to find a formula or brand that suits you and your condition best is to approach someone who deals with vitamins at a chemist shop and ask for a good antioxidant for someone with your condition. The same applies to all the seven group of vitamins mentioned above. You can therefore use this list of groups of supplements when you go to a health food shop, pharmacy or, my recommendation is that you see a naturopath that has been recommended to you by someone who has already had good results from following their advice.

The internet is these days a storehouse of vitamins information. Whenever ordering any vitamins you would be well served to ensure they fit into the category of vitamins that attempt to treat the problem not just the symptoms. Losing hair for example will almost always also be a warning sign of your digestive tract and blood-sugar levels affecting other important functions such as your absorption of essential nutrients, possibly the function of your thyroid, hormonal system, circulation etc. If at all possible do not just get sold a hair strengthening formula. It may well help your hair somewhat but you will just be turning off the warning signs that something could be going wrong in your body.


Author’s Final Thoughts


If I could summarise on one page or two all the knowledge that I have learned from my experience and the research of others in the field of medicine, science, thought processes and complementary medicine or natural therapies, I would say as follows:

1)    A healthy body can prevent many illnesses and diseases before they even start and if you are unlucky to get struck down with a condition anyway, it will help you get over it sooner. Survival of the fittest. Preventing is better than curing.

2)    If you become unwell, tired or ill, by all means see your doctor but also try to identify the foods, lifestyle, attitudes and beliefs about yourself and others that may have contributed to your health’s deterioration. If you cannot do this on your own, find an experienced naturopath or complementary medicine practitioner who can.

3)    In your endeavours to recover and become healthier, regardless of the nature of your condition, you will never go wrong if you focus on restoring optimal health to your digestive tract, liver and balance well your blood-sugar. They may not fix you up completely every time but will at least make your other efforts to get better much more likely to work. Treat the causes, not just the symptoms.

4)    Take time to find out which supplements really work at fixing the core of all problems and not just the symptoms that you are exhibiting and use those daily.

These days vitamins and minerals are no longer in your food. Think of the expense of regularly buying good supplements as an essential part of your family’s weekly groceries bill. See it as a great investment into a more advantaged life. They will give you a much better quality of life, almost certainly prolong it whilst enjoying more of all our creator has gifted us.

5)    Eat healthy foods, avoid sugars as well as refined and chemically adulterated products. Medicinal drugs are unlikely to prevent diseases so take them only if you have absolutely no choice. Be hygienic, minimise your exposure to all radiations, enjoy at least eight hours of good sleep every night, breathe clean air, drink fresh water, let the sun and good fresh air regularly caress your skin, exercise and rest regularly and let the world be a better place for your having been here.

6)    Always be happy. If at times you are not, your first priority is to go back to a high vibrating level of consciousness where you can sense the resonance of calm, positive expectations, gratefulness and appreciation and a love and deeply burning desire for more and more life resonating right through your heart and bones. Thank your Creator. Whatever you believe in with complete certainty, will not fail to be given to you, including good health.

7)    Make Your Health Great Again!


Bruno Marevich, Naturopath.


About the Author

Bruno Marevich                                       

Author, Naturopath, and Neuro Linguistics Programming Practitioner



Bruno is an author, naturopath, and neuro linguistics programming practitioner.


Deeply interested in natural medicine, health and science from an early age, he initially graduated in accounting due to the lack of formal courses in the field of natural medicine at that time in Australia. In the early 1980s, Bruno began his studies in naturopathy. He went on to earn an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy followed by a university degree in Health Sciences majoring in Complimentary Medicine. He also earned his Master Practitioner qualification in Neuro Linguistic Programming.


Bruno has been helping patients for over three decades, consulting from his clinic in Castle Hill, New South Wales for the past 15 years and before that in his Macquarie Street clinic in Sydney. Happily married to his wife Henriette for 39 years, he credits her keen interest, enthusiasm, tireless support, positive thinking and love for their success over the years.


Their wish, goal, and desire has always been to alleviate pain and suffering while bringing health, energy, and propelling motivation to the lives of all who have sought their advice. He and his wife have been fortunate to have met tens of thousands of patients. Their greatest reward has been the improvement in the life of everyone they meet and those who experience the profound benefits of nature’s healing.


Bruno and Henriette founded the Australian Naturopathics brand of natural supplements in the year 2000 for the purpose of providing patients with their own formulas of high quality natural medicinal products. These form today an integral part of their naturopathic treatment which has come to be known as ‘The Marevich Way’.


Bruno’s professional associations include the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA) for which he was a Director and Federal Secretary for many years. The CMA contributes to Australians who seek help from naturopaths and to the profession by working towards the improvement of naturopathic educational standards and code of practice. This organisation also helped increase the number of private health funds which today covers naturopathy in Australia. He has been awarded a fellowship to the Complementary Medicine Association in recognition for his extensive service to the naturopathic profession. Bruno is also a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and Civil Liberties Australia.


In his spare time, Bruno enjoys a healthy personal fitness routine and he is an avid snow skier. He also passionately continues his personal studies and professional research in the fields of science, medicine, biochemistry, nutrition, psychology and quantum physics. Bruno is in constant search for the truth about health and ways of improving mankind’s condition.


He has travelled and worked repeatedly throughout more than 30 countries to date and continues to attend professional health events and conventions across the world, which he manages to squeeze in with his clinic’s busy schedule. 


Bruno Marevich is the author of Make Your Health Great Again and lives in Sydney NSW, with his wife Henriette.



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