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Frequent fainting episodes stopped

Nicola's Mum.

It was December 2015 when our daughter had her first fainting episode. She had just completed her first year at university and was looking forward to working during the school holidays and going on a cruise with our wonderful family. She had just finished a day at work and had come home. My husband arrived home to find her slumped on the lounge and unable to move her legs or arms. We rushed her to hospital and were initially told she may have a tumour in the spinal cord. After a sleepless night, the hospital neurologist assured us that this wasn’t the case so we packed up and took her home.

These fainting spells then went on for the next 7 weeks. They also got more frequent. One day she had seven faints and they would also be followed with reduced movements in the limbs. Her body would also be quite stiff and she would shake, almost like an epileptic episode.

We visited numerous doctors during this time, including 3 neurologists who told us that she would have to live with it.


One doctor thought it might be epilepsy but tests showed it wasn’t. A couple of doctors even told us it was psychosomatic. Knowing my daughter I knew this wasn’t the case. I went from having this independent, fun, loving child to someone who was too scared to leave the house. She couldn’t drive and she couldn’t go out because she kept ‘fainting’. I really couldn’t understand how they expected her to just live with it. She became dysfunctional. I felt desperate!! After talking to my friend, she suggested naturopathy. I really had never thought of alternative medicines.


I googled and found Bruno Marevich in our local area. We thought we had nothing to lose. We walked in and really didn’t know what to expect. I initially couldn’t believe some of the things that Bruno could tell us about her health just from looking into her eyes. At this stage, she was depressed and was quite happy to commence the diet and take the ‘medications’ prescribed.


We left Bruno’s clinic on the Tuesday and commenced the diet on the Wednesday. She ended up having an episode on that Wednesday, followed by another on the Sunday. Then nothing! It was that dramatic and effective. She continued to take the ‘meds’ and see Bruno for 6 months. She has continued the diet up until this day.

My husband and I are forever grateful that Bruno was able to help us when traditional medicine couldn’t. She has continued the diet up until this day.

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