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IMPORTANT information for all our Patients:

(Effective from Monday 31st of January 2022)


Starting from Monday 31st of January 2022, we will no longer be able to provide patients with face to face consultations nor over the counter supplements from our clinic at Suite 2, 80 Cecil Avenue, Castle Hill.

We will however continue to book appointments, provide patients with high grade, professional Naturopathic consultations, advice and treatment, just as we have done for several decades, over the telephone or via zoom. 







We have had to make these changes to our clinic's operations because of recent amendments to the Public Health (COVID-19 Vaccination of Health Care Workers) Order (No 3) 2021 signed by the NSW Health Minister on 23rd December 2021. This order has now been extended to require all GPs, pharmacists, speech pathologists, naturopaths and other health care professionals in private practice to receive at least one covid-19 vaccination by 31st January 2022.

Many private health care practitioners have since chosen early retirement or a different path rather than being mandated against their principles.


We do and will continue to respect and help all patients, regardless of their personal views and choices on vaccination. Many already have and some are right now, suffering with health issues and reactions apparently associated with both having been vaccinated or not. They are all finding great help in taking our supplements to speed up considerably their recovery. A healthy body can cope with all challenges better than one that isn't.

We don't know at the moment when or whether this order will be repealed and therefore when we will return to face to face consultations in Cecil Avenue, Castle Hill. It is our full intention however, as already stated, to continue to provide everyone who sees the advantages and benefits of non-drug related health care, with our vast professional experience, help and our state-of-the-art natural medicines which are being used successfully in our clinic by tens of thousands of appreciative patients, now even more sought after, beneficial and essential than ever before.





The only real difference between the in-clinic and the telephone consultation, apart from obviously not being in the same room, is that during a telephone or video consultation we are currently not capable of using iridology clearly enough to help us with that diagnostic aspect. However, considering that not many naturopaths use this method of diagnostics anyway and that we have three decades of experience in assisting patients achieve very successful outcomes with their health, this is normally not a hindrance. Where required, the patient's self-photography of the eyes will assist us as well as other types of laboratory tests.

The supplements which our patients normally pick up during their visits or directly from the front counter, will from that date onward be mailed to your address instead, using Australia Post Overnight Express parcels. Therefore, you will continue to be able to order when at the telephone consultation or online or over the telephone at any other time. Your supplements will then be dispatched to you . We have been using the patients online order facility and Overnight Express delivery extensively for many years now and have found it to be reliable, relatively economical and fast.

Patients who have already booked consultations for January 2022 up to our closing hour on Saturday 29th, will still be able to attend their normal consultations at their currently booked times. Patients who have booked consultations after that date, will be contacted soon by Henriette to change their face to face appointments to telephone consultations instead.  





There are always advantages to be found with most changes, as inconvenient as they may appear at first. The obvious advantages with a telephone consultation is no travel tiredness, no rushing, no time and expense to and back from the clinic, no parking problems, no waiting rooms (also no masks and QRs) and lesser exposure to unfriendly microbes. The Telehealth system of doctors visits has been used in Australia in excess of 80 million times over the past two years and the majority of doctors as well as the government have indicated their preference for the system to remain available for use. Many naturopaths have expressed similar opinions. Many patients have also found it convenient and just as effective.

The major disadvantage will be not being able to practice Myorthotics. We hope, for the benefit of those patients who have found Myorthotics to be the best form of neuro-muscular help they have ever experienced, that these face to face consultations restrictions will eventually be lifted.

We strongly encourage all those patients who have already experienced the benefits of holistic health or who are currently working towards getting there, to continue with their journey. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.


Looking forward to continuing our consultations over the telephone from end of January onwards.

Best Wishes,

Bruno and Henriette Marevich.



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